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Welcome to the page of our team!

Faster Than Squirrels!

As fast as squirrel, As strong as lion, As light and hot As forest fire!

About the roles:

- registration page Окулова Диана

- working with pictures Патлачёва Наталья

- working with text Соколова Виктория

We are three students of the ninth form. We decided to take part in this project, once again to prove the love to our natine Motherland - the village of Novoye, to improve our knowledges and to practice in English. We are ready to show our creativity. We are always going forward to win and fight for the first place, leaving the members ofcompetition behind ourselves. A few words about us

Okulova Diana - loves music, basketball and drawing. She is sociable and creative.

Patlachyeva Natalia enjoys music, volleyball and history. And always tries to be a good student.

Victoria Sokolova - prefers drawing, horse riding, and literature.

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