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                                    The town where we live

Our town and the scientific center have the name Raduzhny. Our town appeared in Russia in 1971, because it was one of the tasks of our government to build the new centre of science not far from Moscow. The first head of our scientific center and the town of Raduzhny was I.S. Kosminov. The history of our town, one of the youngest towns in Russia, began on the 25th of February in 1971. The first house, which was built in Raduzhny, was the house number two. It was founded on the 16th of May in 1972. There were only several houses in that time, and our town had the name “The settlement of Vladimir - 30”. But since December 2, 1991 it has the name: the town of Raduzhny. Our town is special. There are no streets in it, only blocks of houses where people live. The population of our town is about 19 thousand. Our town is very green. It is surrounded by the forest. That is why the air is always clean and fresh. There are a lot of modern buildings in our town. There are: a trade-centre, a bathe house, a market, a post office, a lot of shops, 4 kindergartens, 2 schools. We are proud of our new swimming-pool. It is the best in our Vladimir region. There are a lot of places where children can spend their free time: a musical school, an art school, a sport school. Our town is situated not far from Vladimir. Of course Vladimir is more famous and older than our town but we love Raduzhny dearly, as it is our native town.